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Of making a place special...

My mom has a soft spot for old homes. We have remodeled quite a few and she always sees the charm in them and my dad always sees the potential (no matter how disgusting or dilapidated they are), and I guess I see both. I grew up in the midst of remodel projects but now that dad has a contracting company and crew I'm not hands-on in the work anymore. I'd forgotten how slow going it is when you do all the work as time allows, and how sore you are after a few hours of sanding or demo or painting. I haven't forgotten the sweetness of making a place special by pouring out your time and energies on it though. A remodeled home is like a masterpiece, a labor of love. You can't walk through it without getting a little attached, or walk away without being a bit sentimental. It's exciting to not just be preparing this house for renters, but to be preparing it for my future... for Barley... for Cat... for my community of friends and family. If my life is a story, this Little …

Upper-level Tour //

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Kitchen surprises and such //

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Well the basement was gutted out and re-framed while we were in Florida which is wonderful! I never took before's of the basement because it was just gross. I bet I'm gonna regret that later when its finished and lovely down there.

The kitchen progress continues. The doorway has been widened and the ceiling has been exposed so that we can make a smooth transition from the old office room to the kitchen. Of course something unexpected is always expected to turn up in a remodel. Mine turned up in the kitchen ceiling. Looks like we have to restructure some of the rafters and what have you. That will mean building out the exterior wall a bit (and refiguring the kitchen cabinet layout since we'll lose about a foot of space). That's what has to happen next. And now that the world has thawed around here we can remove the North window and make it an exterior door!

Meanwhile I was getting antsy not being able to make progress on my own.…