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Lower-level Tour //

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At this point, one wall has been removed to create the "new" layout for the lower level and all the sanding of the trim has been done to prepare for paint. It's a little bit of a mess... But you're welcome to take a peek! "Afters" are always more stunning when you have seen "Befores".

The First Little House

Anne of Green Gables, Beauty and the Beast, The Man from Snowy River, and The Little House in the Big Woods... these are just a few of the beloved stories that I grew up with. So when the time came for me to do as grown-up a thing as buy my first home, is it any wonder that my family and I took to calling it something as charming and nostalgic as "Little House"?

This is the first in who-knows-how-many "little" houses I will call my {very own} home. Firsts are worth celebrating. Firsts are worth chronicling. I'd like to share the process of taking this darling, little fixer-upper with loads of potential, from project to home. You're very welcome to follow along!