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Can you even remember?

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Having all the upstairs completely painted feels amazing. It almost feels a little weird to have started and done most of the painting, but let someone else finish, but I'll get over it. ;)
Cleaning, rehanging the doors, making the shower more presentable and hanging towel bars again are some of the last touches. For those very observant ones who are wondering about the hole in the wall where the built-in dresser used to be, don't worry. That will be made into a closet, but probably not for a week or so yet. Other than that, things are looking finished upstairs. Do you even remember what it used to look like?

The kitchen is all sheet-rocked and mudded and taped! So marvelous. Makes me very happy every time I walk in. I love the still-dreaming-and-planning, wide open feel of walls that are just studs, but soon these very new walls will be holding the most wonderful cabinets. And that, watching all your dreaming and scheming take shape in r…

Where I left things on Friday...

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My back porch and back door (which is going to be changed out for a door that swings the right way) were in. Practicality and functionality was the main point of them. As long as they were safe and useable for the crew to haul in materials, that was what mattered when I left.
My basement stairs were ripped out so they could be replaced. Aesthetically, as well as safety-wise, it will be so nice to have new stairs to the basement.

John, one of the sheetrock and painting experts on the MNH crew, was working through the endless job of second coating everything with paint on it. He had caulked and patched and skim coated wherever needed it, primed the teal closet in the little bedroom (!!), and put the first coat of paint on the hallway built-in. I can't say how relieving it was to be able to walk away and know that the next time I went in, all the paint would be finished upstairs.

Meanwhile, the real work begins in my main level. Framing was bein…

Basement Tour //

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Moment of truth //

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This may be my remodel vision, and it may be the work of myself and the MyNextHome crew making it a reality, but this little house is the Lord's. He promised me a place of my own and then Dad found it. He provided the funding for it and the financing advantages, because His timing is perfect and He can change hearts. When I needed something, like an encouraging presence or a helping hand, He sent servant-hearted people who love me. When we didn't have the time to wait to order my cabinets until they were on sale, the day we ordered them "coincidentally" was during the week they *were* on sale.

I'm making mistakes, it sometimes seems that there are miscommunications happening as steadily as the progress we are making (that just comes with a territory) and, as it is a remodel, we keep unearthing new and unexpected problems. However, the Lord knew about every issue we have found so far and He knows the ones we haven't discov…