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Of to-do's and helping hands...

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Though I have a serious advantage over any other twenty-year olds out there who may attempt to remodel a house, growing up constantly helping to remodel properties does that for you, I am still learning as I am going. For instance, I had my Dad have his crew (MyNextHome) build my kitchen wall in the wrong place. Now I have to have them undo the work they did and build it again in the correct place.

My grass was totally over-grown and since I don't have a mower or the means to transport one, I had to find someone to mow it for me. Littlest brother didn't want the job and Dad's property manager was swamped with work, my neighbor down the street didn't have a mower... but then he got one! And he came over, he mowed my lawn for free and said he'd come back and do it again next time he mows his lawn. So. Thankful. For. Him.

While we haven't had any solid deadline for move-in before, we do now. It's coming fast. I've made good progress for working all by myself but it is time to call in the team. The to-do list is written, the kitchen design is double-checked and getting ordered today, the team is selected and Wednesday is the day. All the last little bits of work needed upstairs will be finished and major progress in the kitchen and basement will be made this week thanks to the MNH crew. So good to have connections. Helping hands are wayyy underrated.


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