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Final Days //

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Art is ready to be hung, furniture is mostly in place, and I have kind of gotten ahead of myself in setting up house. I mean, the place still needs to be cleaned, paint scrubbed off the floors and scraped off a few more windows... Slipcovers have yet to be made for the couch and chairs but I couldn't resist putting the throw pillows out.

Still have some trim to prime and paint and a wall to finish painting in the back entry, but I've moved on to cleaning up my great grandparent's old radio and bringing loads of my belongings over to the house instead. One day I put the final coat of paint on the dining room table and then did something very uncharacteristic: I set the brush down, walked away and totally forgot to ever clean it out. Two days later when I went back to the house and realized that had happened, it was hard as a rock. Oops!

As soon as the countertops come, I get the measurements for my open shelving, hang the doors with th…

Full days //

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Living room is done except for scarping the paint from the windows! Dining room was covered in primer -- ceiling  walls, trim -- and all set for paint. Appliances ready to be slid into place... The countertop sample I was going to order was discontinued so had to find another one.

All week long my mom and I -- and some other dear helping hands! -- worked at the Little House. So much gets done with many hands and willing hearts -- and good tunes! These photos are from Tuesday. Progress is happening faster than I can report on it. More to come!

It's been several weeks...

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Weeks have passed and here we are... still need to prime the trim in the main level in almost every room, then paint it, then paint the walls, then clean from top to bottom and finally get all set up and settled in. I have just been overwhelmed by coming into my house and seeing what is left to be done. I am so. close. to. finishing. but I am so *over* picking away at the project. It's not that it isn't fun to get it finished the way I want and its not that I think I can just stop working on it and it will get finished on its own (though I have greatly desired that to be the case) but I am just being real... after months of slow remodeling you reach a point where you are just, done.

Happy day though! While I was away in Colorado on a trip my kitchen cabinets were installed by the MyNextHome crew. That is incredibly exciting and encouraging. Isn't it lovely?! Ah! I just love it. I still need to find a countertop, get that ordered and i…