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Little House at Christmas //

Another chapter in the "Have your dream-house for your first house" story. Though by the world's standards I am far from poor, I certainly have no income to spend on Christmas decorations. So how did the Little House get prettied up for free? I'll tell you!

This wreath I constructed from a garland that my Aunt gave me. I have a ribbon jar in my house and pulled this thick, white one out and tried several different ways of tying it before I settled on the two bows.

This bowl of holly is what remains of the garland I constructed the wreath from.

I knew that I wanted to hang a garland over this doorway. That was the one thing I was set on when I set out to decorate. My Aunt was so kind to give me her extra ones!

As you will see when I do a post about all the little details in the kitchen, I have collected a lot of glassware in the past year and a half. Among my dishes, I have three sets of wine glasses. A package of candles I bought from Target to burn when taking a ba…


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Yes, the {first} Little House is finished -- well, as much as a remodel is ever "finished", that is. But this is hardly the last you will see of it. Come on in and take a look!