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Yes, the {first} Little House is finished -- well, as much as a remodel is ever "finished", that is. But this is hardly the last you will see of it. Come on in and take a look!

A "catch all" for keys and such

Every library needs a kiddo corner :)

Chloe's coffee bar

A post on all the kitchen details is coming soon!

Curious about the living room details? Post coming soon to answer your questions!

The spare room is still spare...

... either an extravagant closet, a decent office or a tiny bedroom!

A post on where all the little bedroom details are from is coming soon!

A break-down of the bathroom transformation is coming soon!


  1. Beautiful! You could be an Interior decorator! Amazing job and very warm and welcoming!!!! I should be writing and I got stuck looking at pictures!

  2. Beautiful job!! Can't wait to read all the details soon!
    :) Rebecca

  3. You did a phenomenal job, Chelsea. Will you do a break down of costs in a future post?


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