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WK 4 >> day THREE

Voila! Priming the cabinets was like working magic on this space -- transforming the kitchen from a dated place to a dreamy and photographable space. It was such a big project but I remained motivated, in spite of my over-worked muscles, to finish it promptly because I was so sick of living in clutter and I wanted to have the dishes put back in place quickly and the build-up of dirty dishes cleaned and drying on the counter again. In moments of waiting for a coat to dry I turned my attention to pretty little details in my bedroom. It was about time!

WK 3 >> day SEVEN

The first coat of paint for the kitchen walls was accomplished! I had a new bouquet of flowers from a sweet girl who had brought them by the day after my 24hr "adventure" with the flu. The huge pile of boxes had been removed from my kitchen and redeposited in my entry way so that I could set up my bistro table in its place. Little by little and bit by bit Little House TWO was being finished.

WK 3 >> day FIVE

The second bedroom, the spare room, had become my storage space for all the boxes of important items that werent going to be unpacked in this space but hadnt been carried to the basement yet. This space had not been touched yet. 

WK 2 >> day THREE

All the cabinets had been degreased and sanded. I had filled them with my dishes even though I knew Id just have to take them all back out in order to prime and paint in the near future but as I couldnt afford the paint just yet, I didnt mind. My countertops were cleared and situated. The kitchen was functioning now even if it wasnt fully finished. My living space continued to have little projects like a pile of books here and a couple of boxes there. My bedroom on the other hand was a disaster.

WK 2 >> day TWO

My space wasnt finished and I so love to wait to unveil a space until it is a full reflection of my final vision for it, however, there is beauty in inviting people into the messy unfinished state of a space -- or a season of life -- not waiting to share it. So I invited people over for an evening breakfast feast and we celebrated community gathering in this new little house.

WK 2 >> day ONE

While Mom had been in town we had bought a full box of pastries from the boulangerie down the street and treated ourself to a couple throughout the day as we cooked and portioned food for the freezer as well as hung up all the curtains, made the bathroom feel homey, and unboxed my Verisimo -- setting up a temporary coffee station in the dining room.