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WK 2 >> day ONE

While Mom had been in town we had bought a full box of pastries from the boulangerie down the street and treated ourself to a couple throughout the day as we cooked and portioned food for the freezer as well as hung up all the curtains, made the bathroom feel homey, and unboxed my Verisimo -- setting up a temporary coffee station in the dining room.


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WK 1 >> day THREE

I wasnt emotionally prepared to take on the full project of the kitchen yet -- degreasing, sanding, priming and painting every surface -- but I didnt want to be living out of plastic tubs either so I dug out a few essentials for cooking and eating. Creating and placing the flags onto my world map was a fun break from all the hard work. Unpacking all of my books -- about half of my boxes contained books -- organizing them and placing them on my newly assembled IKEA bookcase was a big step of progress. Being able to push my bedroom furniture back against the walls was another one.

WK 1 >> day ONE

Having arrived in town after the sunset and, with the help of a few new friends, moved everything in and simply piled it throughout the space, this is how Little House TWO looked on my first morning of calling it "home". The bouquet of flowers from my Daddy was a better gift than a trip to Disneyland and a lasting day-brightener, making the place feel instantly homey. Dad's are the best.