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Kitchen surprises and such //

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Well the basement was gutted out and re-framed while we were in Florida which is wonderful! I never took before's of the basement because it was just gross. I bet I'm gonna regret that later when its finished and lovely down there.

The kitchen progress continues. The doorway has been widened and the ceiling has been exposed so that we can make a smooth transition from the old office room to the kitchen. Of course something unexpected is always expected to turn up in a remodel. Mine turned up in the kitchen ceiling. Looks like we have to restructure some of the rafters and what have you. That will mean building out the exterior wall a bit (and refiguring the kitchen cabinet layout since we'll lose about a foot of space). That's what has to happen next. And now that the world has thawed around here we can remove the North window and make it an exterior door!

Meanwhile I was getting antsy not being able to make progress on my own. So Dad and I went and worked a bit in the upstairs (we haven't changed anything too drastically so I'll still be able to get before's of the upstairs). I sanded trim while Dad skim coated sheetrock. I have to sand the trim in one more room still, sand all the floors, and Daddy has to remove the sliding doors on a cabinet and the shower. Once those things are finished I can paint and paint and paint until my arms fall off! I'm looking forward to it.

My Mammy (Mom's Mom) gave me a sewing machine of my very own last week while she and Pawpaw (Mom's Dad) were visiting. So now I want to get going on recovering furniture and repainting furniture. It's coming in quite handy that my folks have collected hutches and sets of dining room chairs from their grandparents, and other fantastic pieces of furniture. I only had to buy my own couch and dining room table. I can find almost anything else I want down in the barn. As soon as the wetness of melting snow and April showers wraps up, I'm going to be pulling out some old favorites and spray painting away!


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