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Two days til deadline...

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Five crew members. 6:30am-5:00pm. Things are getting checked off the list like crazy. When I popped my head in in the morning they had removed the hot tub from my front porch and were hauling it away to wherever my Dad wants his new hot tub. I was thrilled beyond words to have my front porch empty. The back door had been taken out and prepared for the new, correct facing one. Sheetrock and wiring was happening and I was a happy camper.

Still looking for a couple pieces of furniture I went around town looking for a side table or two that I fancied. Flea market for the win! On top of my perfect little eight dollar table I found mason jar glasses with handles, some skillets in good condition and an old ice cream scoop. So great!
Got back to the house to check things out and my custom closet space had been sheet-rocked and trimmed, the gunk around the shower and tub had been scraped away and the old doors hauled away, the back door was in and the kitchen window was being framed up properly.

Got to catch up with some friends throughout the day, ran some errands, primed my new side table and found some pretty and practical items at TJMaxx. Grabbed lunch and went back to the house to eat. Sitting on a pile of lumber next to a shop vac and eating my Target salad, I just couldn't think of a single place I'd rather be for lunch.

The biggest surprise of the day was pulling up the kitchen flooring so we could refinish the wood floors, and finding that the wood flooring ended randomly and plywood had been used to patch up the rest of the space. Not an unusual thing to find in properties but for some reason it cracked me up. So a little additional fun errand I got to run was picking out a vinyl for the kitchen. Tomorrow is the big painting day. The whole main floor is getting primed and painted tomorrow and work will continue to unfold in the basement rooms as well. By Wednesday we will hopefully be cleaning and then moving in furniture!

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